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Peter Bankov. I make posters every day. Poster diary. Album

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It is the poster diary. More than 400 posters on 207 pages.


I live in the plane between prague and moscow.  That is between professional design and not the professional is interesting to me. Between terrible design and beautiful, national and antinational, west slavic and east slavic design, european and asian design. For the poster, as an autonomous sphere, there is an opportunity for a gap search, a narrow space between cultures, territories, consciousness. For me, the most interesting things happen between contemporary street art and galleries, east and west, Slavic and European consciousness. This book is in fact an untied collection of works created during the latest years. It's based on "color spots" and the works made mostly for Facebook. I would like to say special thanks to my friend and teacher Serge Serov and to my first teacher, my father, Abraham Kutikov.